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Evolution 1.2.4. "mailto:" attachments

Hello Debian-devel, hello Takuo,

I patched Evolution 1.2.4 to be able to send attachments with a "mailto:";
URL. Simply use

evolution 'mailto:debian-devel@lists.debian.org?

Please note that this functionality is enclosed in Evolution 1.3 beta, but
not in 1.2.4, the current stable version (AFAIK).

Patching is simple:

--- e-msg-composer.c	Sat Dec  7 07:09:39 2002
+++ /mnt/images/evolutionchroot/tmp/evolution-1.2.4/build-tree/evolution/composer/e-msg-composer.c	Fri May 16 15:35:27 2003
@@ -3719,7 +3719,9 @@
 			} else if (!g_strncasecmp (header, "body", len)) {
 				g_free (body);
 				body = g_strdup (content);
-			} else {
+			} else if (!strncasecmp (header, "attach", len)) {
+                                e_msg_composer_attachment_bar_attach (E_MSG_COMPOSER_ATTACHMENT_BAR (composer->attachment_bar), content);
+                        } else {
 				/* add an arbitrary header */
 				e_msg_composer_add_header (composer, header, content);

That's all. Recompile and off you go. You will need additional patches in
debian/control: the libnss3, libnss-dev and libnspr4 dependencies are all
>=2:1.2 here.

.deb-files are to be found at

Use at own risk!

Best regards,

http://www.openoffice.nl/   Open Office - Linux Office Solutions
Valentijn Sessink  valentyn+sessink@nospam.openoffice.nl

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