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Re: Packages with i18n support disabled

barbier@linuxfr.org (Denis Barbier) writes:

> Hi,


> below is a list of source packages containing gettext .po files,
> for which binary packages do not ship any file under a LC_MESSAGES
> directory.
> There might be several reasons:
>   a. Programs use gettext PO files to store translations but manage them
>      with other tools at run time (eg. abiword, Zope or Qt applications)
>   b. PO files are not used, e.g. they are test files (po-debconf)
>   c. I18n support is not enabled at build time
>   d. Errors in PO files prevent l10n

> I am going to file bugs about (c) and (d), but it needs manual checking.


>    Christian Marillat (marillat at debian.org)
>      gnome-panel
>      gnome-themes

You can remove these two packages.


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