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Re: Do not touch l10n files

Ok, I've been trying to stay out of this as much as possible, since I think
Denis' original post:
> >   So I would like to ask developers not to edit l10n files (templates,
> >   PO files, etc) themselves; if you believe that something goes wrong,
> >   notify the translator or his translation team (or any other trusted
> >   person).  If you disagree, think twice before applying your changes,  
> >   you are certainly wrong.

is exactly what we did. 
I'm sorry that an aparently simple request has descended into mud-slinging
and general hostility, but it certainly wasn't our intention.
I'm also quite upset to see off hand insults - I've never claimed to "know
what a foreign language should look like", what we've asked is for a
rational explanation as to why when we removed a single character, (a "3" as
it happens) the layout of the french translation changed dramatically and to
a form that the maintainers do not view as ideal.
I hesitate to comment on the "ownership" of the translation, but would like
to point out that the package maintainer is the one whose name is "on" the
package; thus I think in the final analysis it's the maintainers call. If
the maintainer has concerns about the translation, then the *least* the
translation team could do is respond in a civil manner with the reasons
behind the decision and work *with* the maintainer to resolve the problem. 

(sorry if the threading is broken - i'm replying based on the web archive.
Please cc me on responses, too)

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