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Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)

Hi, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>> FWIW, if they are only sent in reply to "spam status dubious" messages,
>> I wouldn't call them obnoxious.
> 	I am not sure I understand. If such a message is sent to me, I
>  certainly find them obnoxious.

That's why I said "I". Personal tastes differ, but so do individual
tolerance levels.

My system will (as soon as I get around to actually finish setting it up)
say something along the lines of

"Hello. My spam protection system is unsure about your message. Since
you're reading this, your email isn't spam ;-) -- please either sign your
emails to me, or send a short confirmation to the address <my name>-abqux
at <domain> so that and your mails will be whitelisted.
Sorry about this, but there's no other way."

I fail to see how a text like that can be called obnoxious, but that's
just me.

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