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Re: noicon.xpm?

On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 02:42:39PM +0200, mcINEK <kaioshin@gazeta.pl> was heard to say:
> In my opinion it should be default action while making packages to put
> default icon if the maintaner don't provide other.

  If this is done, the proper thing to do is to make the menu package
itself support a default icon.  The correct place to do this is in
menu.h -- unfortunately, it appears that the first test case I looked at
(Gnome) uses $icon directly instead of the icon() function.  This might
be because $icon is mentioned in the menu documentation, while icon()
isn't.  (for comparison, it looks like KDE uses icon() instead, while
icewm uses $icon and the other WMs don't use the icon at all)

  To get icon() to add a default icon, you can change its definition in
the obvious way:

function icon()=ifelse($icon32x32, $icon32x32, \
                  ifelse($icon16x16, $icon16x16, \
                    ifelse($icon, $icon, "/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-debian.png")))

  To make Gnome and IceWM respect this setting, change all uses of $icon
to icon() in /etc/menu-methods/gnome-panel and /etc/menu-methods/icewm*.

  Personally, I think the notion of a default icon is ugly, but if you
want one, change the menu system instead of asking every package to put
a default icon in its menu entry.


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