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Emacs - Ispell problem with i[no]german dictionary


I just observed that the 8-bit version of the German dictionaries seem
to have a problem as used in Emacs.  All the following is done on an
up to date "testing" machine.

~> dpkg -l *german* | grep ^ii
ii  ingerman       20030222-1     New German orthography dictionary for ispell
ii  iogerman       2-17           Old German orthography dictionary for ispell
~> dpkg -l emacs* | grep ^ii
ii  emacs21        21.2-1         The GNU Emacs editor.
ii  emacsen-common 1.4.15         Common facilities for all emacsen.
~> emacs
<Enter into buffer> für
<M-x ispell-change-dictionary><RET><Tab>
Possible completions are:
british                            default
german-new                         german-new8
german-old                         german-old8
<I choose> german-new8
(Next local Ispell command will use german-new8 dictionary)
<M-x ispell-buffer><RET>
Ispell misalignment: word `Br' point 5; probably incompatible versions

I can not reproduce this problem when calling ispell at command line but
I'm not sure whether this is a problem of emacs or the new ispell.

Any hints?


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