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Re: /run/, resolvconf and read-only root

Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Exactly!  We should move /bin and /lib into /usr/bin and /usr/lib
> (people with /usr mounted over a network can just use /linuxrc and
> initrd; they're a minority anyway); /root can move to /home/root [1] and
> /proc can be mounted in /etc/processes instead.  To get rid of the
> tab-expansion conflict with /vmlinuz and /var, we can move /vmlinuz into
> /boot.

Indeed some of us have already done so. Files in / are nasty.

<snip nice reducio ad absurdum>

> [1] In all seriousness - is there any reason why root's home directory
> is not in /home?  It seems a rather bizarre situation to have a
> directory called root in the root directory (which is, of course, /not/
> called root).

Mainly because root often needs to log in before /usr is mounted.

> [2] "What would I do if I was designing Unix again from scratch?  Put
> another N in Umount." - Ken Thompson (I think) - paraphrased

'e' in creat actually.

see shy jo

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