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Re: Generally accepted cut-off limit for -doc packages

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 15:45, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > Something in lintian would make sense, but since what constitutes a
> > "large amount" changes over time, something in Policy is probably not
> > the best approach.
> Because of the changing over time nature I followed the rule that it
> compares relatively to the package size.  The stats in my previous mail
> show that the documentation is about 35% from the whole package which
> is in my opinion large.  James responded to this arguing that this rule
> would produce a lot of extra documentation packages.
> But IMHO the relative definition - sanely applied for PS and PDF files
> not to plain text in each small package - would make sense and is no
> real reason to reject a package.

The point of splitting out a documentation package is to reduce download
time for people who want to install a package without its
documentation.  This has to be balanced against the load on the archive
of having extra packages, not to mention the frustration experienced by
those who discover that they have got to load another package if they
want the documentation.

James has chosen to set the cut-off point at 500kb, which is
reasonable.  This doesn't seem to be a policy issue at all, but just a
matter of the archive maintainer's judgment.  A few years ago it might
have been set lower, because there were fewer packages and downloading
took (on average) more resources.

I should just accept his decision.

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