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Font uglifacation after apt-get upgrade


just back from vacation I did a "apt-get upgrade" to testing where the following
packages were update (amongst others but these might be guilty)

      libfreetype6   2.1.4-2
      x*             4.2.1-6

The result were really ugly fonts in status bars, menus (all under
SawFish, Gnome* and most importantly in Emacs,
which makes it nearly unusable.

This smells after "change of configuration" of one of the newly
installed package.  I did not changed anything in my font configuration
since several month and I wonder how I get the old or any other readable
font back.  I'm not the only one facing this problem because another
user on debian-user-de reported this problem - but has no solution.

I'm sorry that I can not investigate more deeply into this problem because
of time constraints in the next couple of days but I did not want to hold
back the problem longer.  I just do not know enough about the source of
the problem to file a qualified bug report.

Kind regards


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