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Hey there!

Ive been thinking about coding together an application, that is able to
save a list of current installed packages, and then at another time, use
that list and install/remove the differences from the current installed

I don't know if there is some application that does these things already
in Debian?

If not, i guess you can see the positive sides, like you will only have
to dig your way through dselect'ing packages once, you will be able to
get the same exact packages on several debian boxes.

Would this be of any intrest to someone?

At the moment it's far from ready, and somewhat of a dirty hack. I still
have some issues to solve, but i wont spend time at it if there is
already such an application,or if there is no intrest.

best regards
smurfd <smurfd@PunkAss.com>

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