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Re: [Debian-Lex] Interview with subproject leader

On Sun 27 April 2003 13:54, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> [Most of the discussion on the Debian-Lex proto-subproject has been
> off-list, so I'm sending this one to the list so that people can see
> something of our progress.  These answers will be made into an article
> by Matt Black at some point after we get an official list and Web area.]

The article has now been published at 

This is the website of an Australian newspaper called "The Age".  The article 
is a light "newsy" piece that really only serves to introduce the idea of 
Debian-Lex to a more general audience.  Jeremy and I agreed on publishing the 
'interview' now because the idea/concept of Debian-Lex is itself of interest 
to a generally non-technical audience.  This is a news item "about" 
Debian/Debian-Lex rather than "from" Debian/Debian-Lex, ie. not purporting to 
be an official press release or anything.


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