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wanted: home for a HP i2000 in the UK (or at a push Europe)


Thanks to the continuing support of HP, caballero.d.o - the Debian
ia64 build daemon - has recently been upgraded to an rx2600[1].  This
means that the old caballero, an i2000[2] is looking for a new home.

If you're interested in helping out debian-installer, the toolchain
(gcc, binutils, glibc), the kernel or some other worthy cause[3] for
the ia64 port and could make good use of this machine[4], please reply
to this email.  Ideally you should be in the UK or at a push Europe.
HP would rather this machine be put to good use somewhere nearby than
pay shipping for it to go back to the States.  Candidates will need to
supply some proof of previous work or genuine potential for future
work on your worthy-cause-of-choice to be taken seriously :)


[1] http://www.hp.com/products1/servers/rackoptimized/rx2600/
    New caballero is: Dual Itanium2 1GHz, 4Gb RAM and 2x36GB disk.

[2] http://www.hp.com/techservers/products/workstations/i2000/summary.html
    Old caballero is: Dual Itanium 800Mhz, 2Gb RAM, 18Gb disk.

[3] This doesn't really include general porting; the new caballero is
    more than adequeate as a build daemon and in addition there are 2
    other ia64 machines (merulo and merkel) for general developer use
    which should suffice for general porting work.

[4] NB: this is loan kit, not a permanent donation (i.e. HP will need
        a periodic update to keep track of the asset).

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