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Re: fixed libstdc++5 package

Adam Heath writes:
> On Thu, 1 May 2003, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > The ABI of gcc-3.2's libstdc++ is compatible to gcc-3.3's libstdc++
> > (modulo bugs). gcc-3.3's libstdc++ introduces new symbols only.
> so, if it introduces new symbols, then how can one access those when using the
> 3.2 -dev?

why do you want to? anyway, you could

- use g++-3.3

- explicitely add /usr/include/c++/3.3 to the include path and
  /usr/lib/gcc-lib/<arch>-linux/3.3 to the library path.
  I haven't really tested this setup ...

- build gcc-3.3's libstdc++ using gcc-3.2. Not tested and not planned.

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