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Re: /run/, resolvconf and read-only root

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> I don't know what it will take to convince you, but I would like you to
> answer these questions:

I also have a problem with adding another toplevel directory and I suspect
there are some more. I haven't read the complete thread (I also have other
things to do) but I've picked up bits and pieces.

> Do you think having programs write to /etc is a bad thing?

I think creating /run is worse.

I think it should be possible for any program that writes to /etc (it it
cannot use /var) either to be configurable to store it's data somewhere
else or use a symlink to store the data somwhere else (e.g. /proc/flashrom
or /nfsmounteddiskbutnotroot or other unusual place). I think that should
be the first step in tris transition.

> Where would you put /etc/mtab, to keep /etc sacrosanct?

I think that state about the mounted filesystems should be kept by the
kernel (that meens /proc). If there is some state that is not kept by the
kernel but by userspace it should probably stored in /var somewhere (if
/var is not available on boot writing the file could be delayed until it
is mounted). Having mtab in /etc may be useful for historical reasons to a
couple of people though and you might consider a symlink to some file in

I haven't seen a very good description of /run yet and I'm not completely
sure that something like "a place to write files to when you can't write
to /var yet" is useful. This is not a useful description because /var may
be mounted at different times on different systems (e.g. nfs mounted /var
vs localy mounted /var).

I think finding a soltion for the ro root, nfs /var combination is a good
thing but I doubt it should be this invasive.

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