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Re: libstdc++... Help please


On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:22:33 +0000, Jesus Climent wrote:
> I had the idea that stopping the upgrades, rebuilding *all* the packages
> with the new version of the compilers and reinitiating the upgrades
> could solve the problem which otherwise has caused a great deal of
> delay.

If I understood correctly, part of the problem is/was that some of the
rebuilds simply didn't work because of problems with the new compilers.

The current tools don't allow programs of arch X into testing if they fail to
build on arch Y. I think that in general this is a good idea.

I don't know if this is comparable, but my experience with non-ix86 Linux
kernels is that if the people responsible for them allow their version to
fall behind on the bleeding-edge kernel, the resulting split might be
permanent. :-/


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