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Re: libstdc++... Help please

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 12:45:32PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Nope. We need ourselves to play with unstable - but unstable is not up
> for testing. That's what *testing* is for! :-)
> Ideally, Sid should stay as a developer testbed. In fact, when I started
> using it, I got disappointed because it is not unstable at all. I have
> only had a major (for me) problem once or twice.

I agree with this statement.

During the gcc transition, I kept thinking why *unstable* had to be kept

I had the idea that stopping the upgrades, rebuilding *all* the packages with
the new version of the compilers and reinitiating the upgrades could solve the
problem which otherwise has caused a great deal of delay.

But I might be wrong, of course.


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