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Re: Announcing Debian Package Tags

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 01:51:51PM -0400, David Roundy wrote:

> I would hope that rather than such generic terms, one could specify more
> specific tags for highly specialized packages and have these tags imply a
> certain degree of specialization.  So this way a user interested in a
> specific specialization would be able to browse
> specialized
>   bioinformatics
>   physics
>     mpb
>     mpb-mpi
>   chemistry
> I think this should work, since any specialized package must be specific to
> some field (or fields).  So mpb (which I use) might show up under physics
> and engineering.

I completely agree.

> Again, I would hope that a less general tagging of packages could be
> achieved, with the user level inferred from more specific tags.  For
> example, it would be nice to have tags indicating the style of user
> interface a package supports.  I imagine something like
> userlevel::novice = !specialized && (interface::gui || interface::curses)

And this is another a great idea I'm eager to implement!  Such derived
tags could be stored in the tag vocabulary, most probably in custom
vocabulary additions provided by the subdistros.

They could then be computed and added to the package tag database at
"debtags update" time, so that all the other programs will find them
precomputed and will see them without even knowing what derived tags

Thanks for the great idea!  I can see its implications, and that makes
it jump quite high in the to-do list.

You also seem to have a clear view of what package tags should be and
should do at the core Debian level, and a great skill in explaining it;
I reckon that you helped me see the issue much clearer, and I hope you
are going to participate to future discussions on this.

Yours truly,


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