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Re: [Debian-Lex] Interview with subproject leader

On Sun, 2003-04-27 at 01:37, Matt Black wrote:
> I think it's a good idea to get some 'media' coverage of the project in forums 
> where interested parties might be lurking.  I know debian-lex is in its 
> infancy, but I think that one way to help things move along is to expose the 
> idea to "tech-savvy" potential users.  I know there are some lawyers around 
> the Debian lists, but there are probably numerous computer-minded lawyers who 
> aren't.

There are, iirc, 3 - 4 "key" email lists used many tech-savvy
attorneys.  One thing is for certain, if attorneys like a product,
they'll push it and talk about it loudly.  So, while I agree with you on
the 'media' coverage, if done correctly, much of the coverage will
handle itself.

IMO, Jeremy has done an excellent job identifying the initial packages. 
I'm sure there are others, but what he's pieced together will solve
almost 100% of an attorney's day-to-day requirements.

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