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Re: [Debian-Lex] Interview with subproject leader

On Sun 27 April 2003 13:54, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> [Most of the discussion on the Debian-Lex proto-subproject has been
> off-list, so I'm sending this one to the list so that people can see
> something of our progress.  These answers will be made into an article
> by Matt Black at some point after we get an official list and Web area.]

If anybody missed Jeremy's original post about debian-lex (debian for 
lawyers), it is here: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0304/msg01285.html

I think it's a good idea to get some 'media' coverage of the project in forums 
where interested parties might be lurking.  I know debian-lex is in its 
infancy, but I think that one way to help things move along is to expose the 
idea to "tech-savvy" potential users.  I know there are some lawyers around 
the Debian lists, but there are probably numerous computer-minded lawyers who 

With such a specialisation aimed at lawyers, it is probably important to get 
as much input from potential users (ie lawyers, law firms) as possible

I know that this isn't the most important part of any project, but it's what I 
can do at the moment, so hopefully it will be of some help.  I have at least 
one (non-linux) news site in mind where a story about Debian-Lex might be 
welcome.  Maybe others have ideas about good places to get Lex some coverage?

I'll at least wait until Jeremy gets a subproject page set up at 
http://www.debian.org/devel/ and makes an 'official' announcement before 
proceeding with 'marketing' Lex, but I definitely think it is worth 
marketing.  Once the project has more of a 'product' to offer, I'm sure there 
would be many law societies/bar associations interested in it as well.


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