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fwctl and ipchains-perl - any takers?


(this mail is send to the debian developers and to francis, the upstream

Martin, while maintaining the archive,  contacted me, because he wanted to
remove the orpahaned ipchains-perl module. He noticed, that my fwctl is
depending on it.

Personally I love fwctl and use it on some old stable servers, but I agree
with him that it makes not much sence to maintain the package any longer.

So here is my question, is anybody willing to take over fwctl/ipchains-perl
and add iptables support, or has anybody some ideas what to do?

My perl is a bit rusty, so the started project to migrate it ti iptables was
stopped since I had not much enough time.

I also maintain the required libnetwork-ipv4addr-perl which will be orphaned
if nobody else contacts me on that, too.

upstream: http://indev.insu.com/Fwctl/fwctl.html
bugs: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=fwctl

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