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Re: i386 compatibility & libstdc++

> > It may be relatively cheap and easy for *you* to buy a two-year-old
> > system, but I don't believe that in this case you are representative
> > of nearly enough of our users to be a useful example.
> I also find it hard to believe that the majority of our users do not
> have or can not purchase a system that is less than 7 years old. Being
> that is how old the i686 sub-arch is... I once attempted to install
> Debian 2.1 on a Pentium 90, it took many hours and was a pita to say the
> least. Machines old enough to be before i686 are probably also old
> enough to be barely usable as a desktop, especially since ram prices
> back then were still quite high (~ $40/MB iirc), and disk sizes quite
> small (2GB HD was $300 in 1996). What are the theoretical binary-only
> apps that these desktops would be using, whizbang 3d games, multimedia
> players, or something else? A reduced size 386-586 arch wouldn't be bad
> for a server, which imho is about all machines that old are really good
> for anyway. (And no Manoj I am not attempting to troll with this post...)

I agree, the vast majority of our users can afford newer machines. So, I
think we should drop m68k, mips and other similar unfashionable old
archs, don't you think? The majority of our users will be happy...

I would not do that. First of all, many of us do have quite old and
useful machines. Lots of people use 386/486 machines as home gateways -
even mission-critical gateways at the office, those machines are still
enough to handle E1 level traffic. And... Well, at my gateway at home
(i486) I have Samba, Bind and Apache running - And quite smoothly.

If we have to split somehow what should be supported for i386-old and
what should require i386-fast, we will find out many users who found a
creative use for their old hardware. Debian is about choice - we should
do our best to let the *user* choose what he can and can not do with his
old machine.


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