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RE: Non-debian running DD's (Was: Re: stop abusing debconf alread y)

> Try Mac OS X's "Mail" program. It has at least as good offline support
> as OE, and is much nicer, too.
> /me wishes "Mail" were free.

Gag.  Mail might actually be useful if Apple had had the brains to include
simple stuff like *threading* of messages.  All the fluff in the world, and
the message sorting of pine.  Go figure.  When I got my first Mac (eMac
running 10.1.5 w/ the Jaguar disks in the box) I'd been reading all these
wonderful reviews of the various mail clients for OS X, and the authors
especially gushed about Mail.app.  When I finally figured out it plain
didn't support message threading, and found out that a lot of other people
had the same gripe, I wondered, 'what in the blue blazes do these writers
actually use email for?'  I guess 'normal' people don't subscribe to
mailing-lists, where threading is *essential*.


(btw, disregard if they finally fixed this in the updates for 10.2.5.  I
haven't bothered to open mail since, oh, 10.1.5 or so.)

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