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Re: pilot-link in Sid and Sarge: Much bigger question

Debian sid is roughly equal to most other distributions official
releases. One of the main reasons that Debian stable and testing are
always behind other distributions is due to the fact Debian requires
much more out of the packages, by requiring them to work on all
architectures and without major bugs. In some cases they lag even in
Debian unstable due to the fact that the upstream doesn't properly test
their releases and integrate bug fixes, for example XFree86.

I do think that having an automated check for packages being out of date
with upstream would be nice though. Perhaps if policy required the watch
file be present for packages then qa.debian.org could add checks for
them to the developer and packages pages. That would make it much easier
for maintainers to see when packages are out of date and either update
their own packages or ping the respective maintainer to see if they are
still around.


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