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Packagebrowser big update


I just updated my "packagebrowser" to a completely rewritten version.


I converted the groups data from "aptitude" to a keyword-oriented
system; this system is much more flexible.
Unfortunately the UI is quite slow (especially at the top level, i
definitely need to add caching there... maybe a fastcgi version. it
takes up to 3 seconds for a request while the machine is idle!!!)
currently. So i hope the server won't be brought to its knees...

You can currently:
- browse the categorized packages
- add /and remove/ tags to packages

The UI is of course still unfinished and has a lot of open issues
(not the smallest being the too long list of possible keywords)

But i guess this gives a preview of the direction we are steering, and i
believe that this is to become a really nice system.

On the long run i'd like to port this to the menu system, maybe
specialized file managers (integration of a similar system in the gnome
file dialog would be amazing!) and a new "apropos" system. Enrico Zini
has kept his fast C++ library very generic, so it should be easy to
include this in other applications.

Thanks go to Enrico Zini for writing lots of code, and showing that we are
ready for a keyword based approach, writing a prototype, great ideas
(automagical hierarchies) and packaging his first helper applications.
Thanks go to Hervé Eychenne for many suggestions, helpful discussion and
beta testing.


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