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Re: Debian for x86-64 (AMD Opteron)

Le lun 21/04/2003 à 19:52, José Luis Tallón a écrit :

> IMVHO, there is an intermediate alternative: why not ...
> ... create a new x86-64 architecture
> ... tweak dpkg so that ${DEB_ARCH}=="x86-64" admits both i386 and x86-64 
> binaries;
> Naturally, x86-64 ("native") would be preferred to i386 when available. If 
> there is no x86-64 binary, use i386 instead; Sky is blue, life is good ...

This won't work, because you can't mix 32 and 64 bits code or libraries.

I think the appropriate solution is to make it a completely new arch,
with 32 bits compatibility libraries (at least glibc and xlibs) allowing
to run 32 bits proprietary software.

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