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Re: debconf review of cvsd (was Re: stop abusing debconf already)

Arthur de Jong wrote:
> I have received a Brazillian translation of the debconf questions that I'm
> merging into cvsd (bug #187795). I saw the German translation at
>   http://ddtp.debian.org/cgi-bin/ddtp.cgi?part=debconf&package=cvsd
> before but I never saw the page you linked (very useful page but I can't
> find it linked from the site). And since the site says "(Now) we don't
> need any action from the debian package maintainer." I didn't take any
> action regarding the translation.

I think they want thier translations to be used, but I don't really
know. Don't expect the DDTP to make things very useful or organized
though. :-/ I have a script that can automatically download translations
from the DDTP, it's only a prototype however.

> > If I reconfigure cvsd, pick all the limits, and take the default value
> > for everything else, it exits with code 20:
> >
> > debconf (developer): <-- GET cvsd/limits
> > debconf (developer): --> 0 coredumpsize, cputime, datasize, filesize,
> > memorylocked, openfiles, maxproc, memoryuse, stacksize, virtmem
> > debconf (developer): <-- GET cvsd/limit_coredumpsize cputime datasize filesize memorylocked openfiles maxproc memoryuse stacksize virtmem
> > debconf (developer): --> 20 Incorrect number of arguments
> > zsh: exit 20    DEBCONF_DEBUG=. dpkg-reconfigure cvsd
> >
> > Looks like a bug.. After doing this I also did not see all the limits
> > stuff in cvsd.conf, it had only these config items:
> >
> > Uid cvsd
> > Gid cvsd
> > PidFile /var/run/cvsd.pid
> > RootJail /var/lib/cvsd
> > MaxConnections 10
> > Nice 1
> > Listen * 2401
> This looks like it may be due to a bug (or incompatibility) in zsh. Do you
> have /bin/sh set to zsh? I have some strange results if I use zsh to
> process the postinst. I'll do some more testing. Somehow the result of the
> 'GET cvsd/limits' is passed to the next command.

My /bin/sh is dash. Looks like there must be some problem in the for
loop that is not splitting the RET on words.

> Reading the current configuration is almost finished and will go into the
> next release.

> I'll look into editing the existing configuration file rather than
> overwriting it. I ran into some problems earlier though (especially things
> like where do you put new configuration options that were not there
> before). Also Limit, Repos and Listen may be specified multiple times so
> that may be tricky.

Remember you can use perl for either the config or the postinst script.
Might make the more complicated stuff more maneagable. I'm glad you're
making progress on this.

see shy jo

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