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ITA: gap4 -- computer algebra system for groups + related packages

retitle 188800 ITA: gap4 -- computer algebra system
retitle 188803 ITA: gap4-doc-dvi -- DVI-Docu files for GAP4
retitle 188801 ITA: gap4-doc-html -- HTML-Documentation for GAP4
retitle 188798 ITA: gap4-doc-ps -- Postscript files for GAP4
retitle 188802 ITA: gap4-gdat -- Group data libraries for GAP4
retitle 188799 ITA: gap4-tdat -- Table data libraries for GAP4

I intend to adopt gap4, a computer algebra system for group theory,
and the related packages. 

There is a new upstream version of gap4 (4.3, bugfix release 4, instead
of 4.2 that is in our archives), so I'll try to build that version.
Also, the current version of gap is released under the GPL (gap3 was not
and maybe version 4.2 was not either). 

Peter van Rossum <petervr@debian.org>

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