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Re: imlib-linked-with-libpng3

Why not simply make a imlib1p that conflicts with old imlib1 and rebuild
the remaining 11 sources that still use imlib1 with old libpng2? There
are fewer that would cause trouble in that batch, afaict only: chameleon,
ebview, endeavour, pixelize, vertex.

chameleon - dead upstream. (no website anymore)
ebview    - no idea since its japanese.
endeavour - might work with gtk2? upstream is alive.
pixelize  - dead upstream. (last release 2000-01-17)
vertex    - might work with gtk2? upstream is alive.

kdegraphics requires being able to link to imlib with png3 to work due
to png symbol collisions.

Why aren't we working to get rid of libpng2 anyway, libpng3 isn't even
current anymore.

libpng2    - 134
libpng3    -  23
libpng12-0 - 185

Of the ones linked to libpng2 about 20 of those are KDE related and will
go away soon (all associated packages have RC bugs). Many of the others
seem to link to libpng2 only due to maintainers not updating their
build-depends, like zsnes.


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