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Re: [david@eelf.ddts.net: Re: why do we care about configuration files?]

On Fri Apr 18, 07:06pm -0400, David B Harris wrote:
> I'm thinking in the "may I upgrade your configuration file?" question,
> have the options I mentioned before ("no", "yes", "always-no").
> How's that sound? It's unobtrusive, only adding a third option. We
> ensure that /etc/conffiles/* is *extroardinarily* easy to deal with (we
> can have a tool to do this for us, akin to
> update-rc.d/update-inetd/etc), they'll only get changed when the user
> tells us to change them, they're perfectly capable of changing it
> themselves manually, and we end up with no more questions than we have
> now.

Gar. We'd still need always-yes to deal with the case I raised. Don't
like it, but ...

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