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Re: Managing bug reports

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 08:39, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Is it possible:
> 1) to depend to j2sdk1.3 | j2sdk:1.4 (I do not have the 1.4 on my ppc)
I've not tested with 1.3, so depended on 1.4. I can't think of any
problems, so will make the change. Hopefully we will change to a free
jvm soon.

> 2) to have the java-gnome compiled for ppc? I cannot do this because
>    of dependencies prolblems...

This actually applies to all architectures...
I sent a request to the powerpc list a while ago asking for help but had
no response. 
In the past, java-gnome was in contrib and the buildd maintainers
stopped its builds as they would always fail with missing dependencies.
java-gnome has moved to main recently and the dependencies have been
removed - it should now compile on buildd machines. It just needs
somebody to reenable them. I've not found out who or how.

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