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Re: curl, testing and gcc-3.2 (?) (was Re: Debian curl package depends on gcc-3.2?)

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 12:46:07PM +0200, Björn Stenberg wrote:

 > Right, it does not force the latest, only the version that is
 > installed on the machine it runs on.

 Not quite.  The shlibs file just declares that a package which includes
 a program linking against, say, libfoo.so.0 should depend on a package
 called, say, libfoo0.  The possibility to "version" that dependency
 exists and is actively used.  A common example is when a library fixes
 a bug affecting its clients.  A versioned dependency is added to make
 sure that the newly compiled packages can't be installed with the buggy
 versions of the library.  That's just one example.

 There are only a few pathological cases where the shlibs file forces
 newly compiled packags to use the "lastest" release of the library

 > If whatever library versions are present at the time of building are
 > defined as the minimum requirements, doesn't that mean that packages
 > which are in stable today would not even be accepted into testing if
 > they were rebuilt?

 That could happen, yes.  Some hours ago I uploaded a package which is
 for all _practical_ purposes an identical copy of the package in
 stable.  It will probably remain stuck in unstable for a long while.


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