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A-SQUAD Security

This is a message to my fellow network security professionals,

www.asquad.com is formed by a group of security professionals with 
experience and knowledge.  Even so, we would like your participation in 
the exchanging of ideas and your contribution of knowledge.  We would 
appreciate your input about our web site and our Forum.  We invite you to 
check out our site and register to become part of our Forum.  One of our 
latest Security Analyst additions is a security professional who has worked 
for NASA implementing their security.  After exchanging ideas, he decided 
to join our team. Very good things can happen from being communicative. 
We would like to hear from you and know what you think.  Pay us a visit 
and drop us a line in our forum!


The A-SQUAD team

Why security assessments? 
A-SQUAD Engineer Profiles

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