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Re: PEAR packages

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Steve Langasek wrote:
> At the time, James talked to Adam Conrad and me about the packages, and
> we agreed with the decision to hold the packages out of the archive for
> the time being.  For one thing, it looks like you packaged *all* PEAR
> modules available, including some of questionable merit (I seem to recall
> seeing one called 'db-ldap').  Do you actually need *all* of these
> modules? This, I think, is the main objection: if the software will
> actually be used, then I don't object to having them in the archive; I
> just have difficulty believing that all of the packages you uploaded are
> actually useful.

# pear list-all | grep "| [0-9]" | wc -l

There was a few of them which are mostly used by IMP. The two of them are
used by home-made web interface. I'm using these packages at daily work.

> Because the upstream software will release separately, I think it's ok to
> have separate packages for each module, just as we have with CPAN.
> However, to your second question:  'pear' should not be listed in the
> package name, just as 'cpan' is not listed in the names of Perl modules.
> This is the distribution mechanism, and tells us nothing about function.
> Better to mimic perl and use a 'libphp-<class>' naming scheme.

lib<class>-php? What about PECL?

> > 3. Which directory for PEAR libraries?
> PEAR classes should be installed to /usr/share/php and subdirectories.
> As long as you're only uploading packages for classes you need, I think
> it should be ok for these to go into the archive.  I think this should
> include any PEAR classes no longer distributed with PHP 4.3.x, as well as
> any classes that you need newer versions of than what's provided in PHP
> 4.3.x; however, if the version from 4.2.3 is too old, but the version
> from 4.3.0 is new enough, I would ask that you not upload these, since
> PHP 4.3 should be available soon.

Ok, but tell me how should I avoid overwriting existing files? Should I
put my files to another directory? The Perl itself utilises
/usr/share/perl for distribution's modules and /usr/share/perl5 for
modules which are released separately.

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