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PostgreSQL admin tools (Was: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages)

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Georges Khaznadar wrote:

> There is a nice graphical front-end to Postgresql, in the non-US
> section :
I would like to vote against "nice" here. :)
Moreover you can do several stuff but it is not comparable to PgAdmin


which only runs under non-free operating system.

If you search ad www.postgresql.org for "admin tool" you get several links
for instance also


which might end in a necie tool perhaps.  Would be nice if somebody could
check this out.  Another tool which might be promissing is mergeant
(apt-cahce show mergeant) but I cant currently check this out because
I will not upgrade to unstable on currently.  The KDE pendant to
Gnome Mergeant might be Knoda (http://www.knoda.org/, Bug #160321).

So in fact we do not really seem to keep the non-free tool, but we need
a stable replacement soon.

Kind regards


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