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Re: Maintainers with excessive old RC bugs

Figures, there was a bug inherited from the original script that could
(semi-randomly) assign packages to the old maintainer if they were
adopted since potato. I have also filtered out packages which have
been removed from unstable but are still present in older suites. That
knocks the following people out of the list (or at least below the
threshold I am using):

[Sorted alphabetically]

Jefferson E Noxon (jeff@debian.org)
Kyle McMartin (kyle@debian.org)
Maurizio Boriani (baux@debian.org)
Michael Alan Dorman (mdorman@debian.org)
Mika Fischer (mf@debian.org)
Raphael Bossek (bossekr@debian.org)
Rob Tillotson (robt@debian.org)
Vaidhyanathan G Mayilrangam (vaidhy@debian.org)

And introduces the people who adopted the offending packages:

Adam Majer (adamm@galacticasoftware.com)
Carlos Laviola (claviola@debian.org)
David M . Zendzian (dmz@debian.org)
Jeff Bailey (jbailey@nisa.net)
Martin Butterweck (blendi@debian.org)
Pascal Hakim (pasc@debian.org)

In addition, these people had already fixed their stuff and dropped
off the list when I took the second sample (congratulations, you get a

Jonas Smedegaard (dr@jones.dk)
Josip Rodin (jrodin@jagor.srce.hr)
Siggi Langauf (siggi@debian.org)

[It's possible some of the people in the first list should have been
in this one, I didn't check too hard]

Christopher L Cheney (ccheney@debian.org) gets an honourable mention
as well for trying, even if the huge pile of KDE bugs has only been
reduced and not eliminated.

Here's the new list. The maintainer addresses should always match up
with the BTS now:

Kai Henningsen (kai@debian.org)
Thomas Schoepf (schoepf@debian.org)
Akira Yamada (akira@debian.org)
Mark W Eichin (eichin@thok.org)
Branden Robinson (branden@debian.org)
Daniel Burrows (dburrows@debian.org)
Martin Schulze (joey@debian.org)
Rob Browning (rlb@defaultvalue.org)
Barak Pearlmutter (bap@cs.unm.edu)
Guenter Geiger (geiger@debian.org)
Piotr Roszatycki (dexter@debian.org)
Carlos Laviola (claviola@debian.org)
Richard Kreckel (kreckel@ginac.de)
Norbert Veber (nveber@debian.org)
Masato Taruishi (taru@debian.org)
Christopher L Cheney (ccheney@debian.org)
Takashi Okamoto (dres@debian.org)
Martin Butterweck (blendi@debian.org)
Matt Taggart (taggart@debian.org)
David Coe (davidc@debian.org)
Takuo Kitame (kitame@debian.org)
Mark Purcell (msp@debian.org)
Olaf Stetzer (stetzer@debian.org)
Zephaniah E Hull (warp@debian.org)
Daniel Glassey (wdg@debian.org)
David M Zendzian (dmz@debian.org)
Ryuichi Arafune (arafune@debian.org)
Patrick Patterson (ppatters@debian.org)
Viral Shah (viral@debian.org)
Yann Dirson (dirson@debian.org)
Matthew Wilcox (willy@debian.org)
Paul Hedderly (prh@debian.org)
Josef Spillner (dr_maux@users.sourceforge.net)
William Lee Irwin III (wli@debian.org)
Martin Mitchell (martin@debian.org)
Lamont Jones (lamont@debian.org)
Greg Olszewski (noop@debian.org)
Santiago Garcia Mantinan (manty@debian.org)
Pavel Tcholakov (pavel@debian.org)
Pawel Wiecek (coven@debian.org)
Adrian Bridgett (bridgett@debian.org)
Kihyeon Seo (nefsall@debian.org)
Sam "Eddie" Couter (eddie@debian.org)
Paul Slootman (paul@debian.org)
Marcelo Magallon (mmagallo@debian.org)
Jens Schmalzing (jensen@debian.org)
Dale Scheetz (dwarf@polaris.net)
Shaun Jackman (sjackman@debian.org)
Dima Barsky (dima@debian.org)
Mark Johnson (mrj@debian.org)
Pablo Baena (pbaena@uol.com.ar)
Federico Di Gregorio (fog@debian.org)
Mark Howard (mh@debian.org)
Petr Cech (cech@debian.org)
Jan-Hendrik Palic (jan.palic@linux-debian.de)
Stephen Zander (gibreel@debian.org)
Peter Gervai (grin@tolna.net)
Pascal Hakim (pasc@debian.org)
Jeremy T Bouse (jbouse@debian.org)
Nils Rennebarth (nils@debian.org)
Ryszard Lach (rla@debian.org)
Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org)
Adam Majer (adamm@galacticasoftware.com)
Jeff Bailey (jbailey@nisa.net)
Ed Boraas (ed@debian.org)
Michael Stone (mstone@debian.org)
Stefan Hornburg (racke@linuxia.de)
Jules Bean (jules@debian.org)
Scott M Dier (sdier@debian.org)
James R Van Zandt (jrv@debian.org)
Mikael Andersson (mikan@debian.org)
Klaus Knopper (cloop@knopper.net)

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