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Re: Debian for x86-64 (AMD Opteron)

I demand that José Luis Tallón may or may not have written...

> Sorry, i must me missing something obvious, but why would we need lib64foo
> ? Why not just define the new architecture x86-64 and have katie/buildd do
> the rest?
> Anything to do with the ability to mix-and-match 32 and 64-bit code in this
> processors?

If this is fairly easy, would it be better to compile 64-bit code and
generate 32-bit wrappers?

This would ideally be automated via libtool: if the install path is $FOO/lib,
put the wrappers there and the libraries in $FOO/lib64, first ensuring that
it exists. Also, for debian/*.files, an implicit
  sed -re '%^lib/[^/]*.so[^/]*$% { p; s%^lib/([^/]*.so[^/]*)$%lib64/\1%; }
           %/lib/[^/]*.so[^/]*$% { p; s%/lib/([^/]*.so[^/]*)$%/lib64/\1%; }'
would help.

It could be that I'm missing something here, but ISTM that that would get
things up and running without any need to modify (m)any packages.

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