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Re: Bug#188665: RC issue

clone 188665 -1 -2 
reassign -1 binutils
reassign -2 openoffice.org
reassign 188665 xfree86-common

	[Since flex is standard, perhaps this migration issue needs
         wider audience, hence the CC to debian-devel]

        The behaviour of flex has changed in the latest release, yes. 
 This is part of the gcc migration process; flex has been updated (the
 buggy, rickety set of patches required to make it work with gcc was
 dumped in favour of a well engineered upstream migration). Please
 look at the upstream Changelog for details. 

	Flex has also grown an extensive test suite, and there is a
 test for each of the features reported below. I strongly think that
 these changes, which require changes in source, and not a bug, are
 causing the vast majority of failures. 

 As you may see, flex scanners have become reentrant, the c++ versions
 are compatible with recent c++ compilers (conform to ANSI C++, gcc
 3.2), supports bison variables yylval and yylloc. Some variables have
 been renamed. Flex generates C99 defs now; see
 YY_TRADITIONAL_FUNC_DEFS yylineno is present in all
 scanners. yylineno is per-buffer in reentrant scanners. flex tries
 its best to output only the relevant portions of the skeleton when
 generating a scanner, thus avoiding as much conditional compilation
 as possible

	The signature of all functions has changed. flex has new
 command line options, and option parsing has changed (now also
 supports POSIX conventions optionally). Handles POSIXLY_CORRECT
 environment variable.  Various i18n translations are included in the
 distribution. flex now works with recent bison versions

	I understand that this requires all packages using lex to
 massage their lexers to conform to the new behaviour of flex; but the
 gains in reduced complexity of the scanner and reentrancy and
 standards compliance are well worth it. 

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