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Re: Familiar packages

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 07:29:48AM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:

> I am thinking of packaging the Familiar distribution of Linux for Debian.
> Familiar comprises the following:
> 1) A boot loader (a WinCE executable to load the Linux boot loader into flash 
> along with the boot loader itself) which is about 370K uncompressed and 160K 
> compressed.

I don't think this makes much sense in Debian, since it makes no sense
installed on a Debian system.

> 2) Image of the root file system (JFFS2 file system image) which is about 13M 
> (and does not compress much).

Likewise here.

> 3) Kernel patch for 2.4.19 kernel (as the 2.4.19 ARM patch isn't in Debian
> it would be about 2.5M compressed).

I see no problem with this; if the common ARM parts are separated it would
be possible to share them with the Zaurus and other ARM devices.

> 4) gcc and binutils for cross-compiling ARM code on an i386 platform, 16M 
> compressed.

There are already several of these around; I have personally used at least
two.  One can be built from toolchain-source, another is available from

> 5) Complete tool chain (lots of headers, libraries, etc), 100M compressed.

Anything that can't be done with dpkg-cross?

 - mdz

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