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Familiar packages

I am thinking of packaging the Familiar distribution of Linux for Debian.

Familiar comprises the following:

1) A boot loader (a WinCE executable to load the Linux boot loader into flash 
along with the boot loader itself) which is about 370K uncompressed and 160K 

2) Image of the root file system (JFFS2 file system image) which is about 13M 
(and does not compress much).

3) Kernel patch for 2.4.19 kernel (as the 2.4.19 ARM patch isn't in Debian it 
would be about 2.5M compressed).

4) gcc and binutils for cross-compiling ARM code on an i386 platform, 16M 

5) Complete tool chain (lots of headers, libraries, etc), 100M compressed.

Should I upload this to contrib, non-free, or my own web server?  I don't plan 
to upload the full source (getting it to all compile as a Debian package is 
more pain than I want - even if it wasn't for the WinCE executable), but it 
is all GPL licensed.  So I guess that it can't go into main without source, 
but it should be eligible for non-free or contrib.  100M may be too large to 
put in Debian given the limited demand, so I guess that my own web server is 
the correct place for item 5.

For 1..3 they can be downloaded from the source site, but the documentation 
etc is difficult to deal with.  It would be much easier for the user to do 
"apt-get install ipaq-h3900-boot" and have all the binaries and documentation 
necessary to install a boot loader than to have to go through the original 
site themselves.

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