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Re: Group by functionality or family?

Sorry, i don't read -devel right now, so i didn't read that thread until
now via the web interface.

If someone wants to do a lot of changes (including removing etc.) i can
give him direct access to the database via phpmyadmin.

Please note that the categorization as currently done in aptitude has
drawbacks. For example most users won't care about "libwhatever", but
the library still should go to the "whatever" section.

Still this "topic" categoriation is useful. But there are some
"parallel" trees packages will need to be categorized, such as maturity,
freedom-of-use, user interface, class (development, library, daemon,
client...) and such.

While this classification requires no changes to the "editor", there is
need of a frontend that does use this information.

Thanks to all contributors to the package browser, btw.

Erich Schubert
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