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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

This one time, at band camp, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
>1) Patch shutdown to write the file /var/run/nologin (unless someone can
>suggest a better place for this)
>2) Patch login to test for both /etc/nologin and /var/run/nologin.
>This way the admin is free to create and remove /etc/nologin as they desire,
>and shutdown can create the statefile as it desires.   It also means that
>there's no transition needed, because the old behaviour is still supported
>if the admin needs to prevent logins, but that the sanctity of /etc is

Okay, so I took the time to patch a bunch of packages to see if any of this
was implementable, and I've been running on my patched versions for about 3
days now.

I've patched base-files, pam, shadow, util-linux, and sysvinit to use /run
as the location for program state, and leave /etc for admin-created files.

I have an aptable repository at
deb http://spacepants.org/debian experimental/
with powerpc and source packages.

Patches for those five source packages are available at:


A short summary:

 * base-files: adds /run.  As discussed, it doesn't attempt to make /run a
   tmpfs or separate partition, we'll leave that up to the admin.
 * pam, shadow: check for either /etc/nologin or /run/nologin to decide
   whether to allow non-root logins.  This way, human administrators may
   still create /etc/nologin and have it just work, and at the same time
   programs like sysvinit may write out a nologin file and not affect /etc.
   The distinction I am making here is that /etc/nologin is an admin-created
   conffile, whereas /run/nologin is a program-created statefile.
 * sysvinit: Don't touch /etc, use /run/nologin only, when there is a delay
   before a shutdown.
 * util-linux: use /run/mtab for mount's statefile, as admins shouldn't be
   editing /etc/mtab anyway, it doesn't belong there.  The postinst for
   mount moves any existing /etc/mtab that isn't a symlink to /run, and then
   creates a symlink from /etc *just in case* there is any other program
   that wants to read /etc/mtab.  I am happy to scrap the symlink if it's

All up, theres no more than about 100 lines of patch between the 5 of them.

util-linux is interesting in that it also references /etc/nologin, but it
doesn't look like that code is actually used.

Anyway, I've tested these changes and they're working for me, and the
programs continue to behave as expected.  If no-one objects, I'll submit the
patches to the package maintainers as wishlist bugs.

I'm still yet to hear any convincing arguments that moving program state
away from /etc is a bad idea, so I'm keen to see Debian adopt this
improvement to the FHS as policy.

jaq@debian.org                               http://people.debian.org/~jaq

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