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Re: Bug#20030401: general: Debian is April 1st unaware.

This one time, at band camp, Gergely Nagy wrote:
>It is the 1st of April, also known as the fool's day. However, I have
>seen _no_ jokes appearing randomly on my system. (Well, except
>phpsysinfo(), but that is irrelevant in this case). I would have
>expected that Debian, according to the Social Contract, gives priority
>to its users. And users need to be fooled on April 1st, they expect
>it. Therefore, to keep the spirit of of the Social Contract, I propose
>to implement april first hacks into such crucial tools as dpkg,
>apt-get, tama, and probably others.

I was going to upload an apt with no files in it, then revert it, but if
figured all the debianplanet users who had to get their 0day sid updates
wouldn't appreciate being called april fools.

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