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Re: libnspr and libraries in /usr/lib that require it

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 03:04:33AM +0200, Simon Richter scribbled:
> Marek,
> > > So the "official" libnspr (the one in the stable releases) could go into
> > > /usr/lib/, and things built against Mozilla would run normally, and the
> > > one in mozilla-snapshot would go into /usr/lib/mozilla-snapshot/, where
> > > it would also be picked up by things compiled against -snapshot.
> > That idea crossed my mind, but it would mean duplication of the libnspr
> > package. What about symlinking libnspr.so from /usr/lib/mozilla to /usr/lib,
> > however?
> No, that would make the release and the snapshot conflict. Just compile
In what way? Both mozilla packages use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to pull their private
libnspr4.so from their respective directories. How would they conflict?

> your package against release, snapshot or both and put the library in
> the same dir as libnspr.
I can't do that. I have at least one application that cannot use a wrapper
to load the library - it's a dynamic extension to the Caudium webserver, a
.so - I'd have to use -rpath etc. The whole purpose of libsmjs is to provide
the embedded JS engine to standalone applications, not related to mozilla in
any way.


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