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Re: Debian Usability Research

On Fri Apr 04, 01:16am +0200, Christian Surchi wrote:
> > I do too, honestly.  -desktop has a slightly larger goal (e.g. making a
> > good default GUI environment), but usability is at least 75% of the
> > project.
> I don't think usability is simply a subset of -desktop.
> Usability is a general concept, not only related to desktop users, IMHO.

Usability means different things to different groups. The Debian Desktop
subproject is decidedly targetting non-sophisticated users (or, rather,
those users who aren't sophisticated as far as Debian is concerned).

Good "usability" for someone like myself (a systems administrator) means
a plethora of command-line utilities and an unpleasant number of options
to control them. Very steep learning curve, something you wouldn't want
to inflict upon, say, a user the Debian Desktop is targetting - but
something that would make my job much, much, much harder if it didn't

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