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Re: Upstream ChangeLog is colossal

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 22:58, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> Another ChangeLog situation..
> My upstream source, ircd-hybrid, provides RELNOTES, which describes
> the fundamental differences between releases. This is installed as
> changelog.gz.
> Upstream also provides ChangeLog, which is basically standard cvs2cl
> output. It's nearly 294K compressed and it inflates the size of my
> package, having just added it this release as changelog.CVS.gz
> (experimentally.)
> Should I bother to include this when I actually get it uploaded? It's
> *technically* upstream's ChangeLog, but RELNOTES is much better suited
> to the task.

Boils down to who your audience is.  My guess is most people do not need to 
know the nitty gritty "I changed this variable in function foo so now we 
don't segfault" but would rather see "fixed problem with segfault on 12 
letter nicks".  Which means the RELNOTES type log is the one users are more 
likely to care about.

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