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Re: Introducing Alioth: SourceForge for Debian

Colin Watson (2003-03-31 18:34:54 +0100) :

> On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 11:05:05AM -0600, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
>> I see it was mentioned that cvs.debian.org will likely be (or maybe
>> technically already has been) depreciated in favor of Alioth. I
>> wonder if this is the case with the debian BTS?
> Not to my knowledge, and I think it would be a bad idea. I agree
> that the SourceForge-style one should probably be disabled.

The BTS in Alioth is enabled or disabled on a per-project basis, at
the discretion of the project admin(s).  If your project is a package,
you'll probably want to disable it.  If it's a project "whose goal is
to promote Debian or one of its derivatives", then you may need/want
it.  What was the motto of X again?  Something about "providing tools,
not policies"?  I feel the same about Alioth.

Roland Mas

With the arrest of Dimitry Sklyarov it has become apparent that it is not
safe for non US software engineers to visit the United States. - Alan Cox

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