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Re: lilo may keep a file after purging

Indeed, it was you who sent the bug. Moreover, I think that the idea
of asking the user on purge is one of the best at the moment. I'll
upload a new lilo version today which won't include this change yet,
because I want to see more ideas on this topic. Anyway, thank you :)

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Andrés Roldán wrote:
>> I have a little question.
>> Once, there was a lilo bug saying that the /boot/boot.0300 file
>> should be deleted on --purge. /boot/boot.0300 and the like files are
>> actually backups of the MBR before installing lilo and I think, IMHO,
>> that those files may be kept after purge because someone would need to
>> restore his MBR later.
>> The question is, should lilo really delete theses files?
> I can't remember if that is my bug report about lilo purging or not, and
> cannot check right now. Anyway, it'd be reasonable to decide that anyone
> who purges lilo either knows what he is doing or is about to be in a
> world of pain anyway.
> You could ask a question on purge with debconf though I suppose.
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> see shy jo

Andres Roldan, CSO
Fluidsignal Group

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