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Re: lilo may keep a file after purging

Andrés Roldán wrote:
> I have a little question.
> Once, there was a lilo bug saying that the /boot/boot.0300 file
> should be deleted on --purge. /boot/boot.0300 and the like files are
> actually backups of the MBR before installing lilo and I think, IMHO,
> that those files may be kept after purge because someone would need to
> restore his MBR later.
> The question is, should lilo really delete theses files?

I can't remember if that is my bug report about lilo purging or not, and
cannot check right now. Anyway, it'd be reasonable to decide that anyone
who purges lilo either knows what he is doing or is about to be in a
world of pain anyway.

You could ask a question on purge with debconf though I suppose.

see shy jo

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