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Patch send [Was: Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?]

Thomas Hood <jdthood0@yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> Please add '/etc/run' to the list of suggestions.
> So, instead of '/etc/volatile' I suggest the name '/etc/run'.
> /etc is the directory for configuration files specific to
> the current system and available independently of networking;
> the run subdirectory contains the subset that describes the
> system since it was booted.

Well, too late and not too late at all. The patch is send.

Sysvinit (+patch in BTS) now has a new conffile /etc/volatile.conf.
Upon boot, or to be exact when checkroot.sh is executed, the file is
read and treted as directory for volatile boot data. The fstab is
scanned for a matching mountpoint and if found the filesystem is
checked (if needed), mounted, cleaned and fille from
/etc/volatile-skel. If its not found it is ignored.

The default is "/etc" with the intention that anything honoring the
file in the future will keep looking in etc just like it does now.

/dev, /etc/mtab and /etc/network/ifstate can be moved and linked to
anywhere the admin likes providing he changes /etc/volatile.conf.

The acompaning readme for read-only root suggests /run to be used but
anything will work.

Hope it will be accepted soon.


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