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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

"Matt Ryan" <mryan@debian.org> writes:

> > Nothing should be shifted. Just the possibility to shift it should be
> > made available.
> >
> > For example my patched mount works just as before and uses
> > /etc/mtab. But if that is a link it will follow it and use the target
> > directory of the link for lock and temp files and modify the target of
> > the link and not the link itself.
> >
> > That way everyone who wants a RO / can create a RW /mem, move his mtab
> > there and link it. All done.
> Would the best plan be to leave our tools as standard as possible and put a
> new set of packages into the archive that have this functionality? All
> anyone who wants this mess on there system then has to do is install the
> other version of the tools.

The mess was already in mount. It checked for a symlink and just
assumed it to be to /proc/mounts and left it unchanged.

Also I think its a waste of time and space to maintain a 10 line patch
and another deb for mount that can be included in the main mount
without any problems.

I think the patch can go upstream easily since it only does the
symlink check properly. Or is the symlink check a debian patch?


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